Mass Media Production

Mass Media Production Mass Media Production: Since mass media is a most effective method of information dissemination and awareness creation among a huge mass of people at a same time, VSK Green Group has planned to go among the people by the means of mass media. In order to execute... Read More

Green Paper

Green Paper In order to meet the objectives of "Green Nepal, Clean Nepal", VSK Green Group has conceptualized the publication of an Eco-Magazine that will include various aspects and issues of environmental conservation such as reports, news, articles and many other information comprised... Read More

City Cleaning Activity

City Clean As a social activity of the organization as well as a means of public awareness regarding the importance of keeping our city clean and healthy, VSK Green Group regularly organizes City Cleaning Activity in various parts of the city. Recently, VSK GG organized two city cleaning... Read More

About VSK Green Group

About VSK Green Group It is no secret that the world environment is deteriorating day per day. Either it is through industrialization, nuclear practices, vehicle emissions or it is due to overgrowing population and unmanaged urbanization, the world environment is hampered and degraded from its holding capacity. Pollution, depletion of natural resources due to overexploitation, diseases, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits have resulted in unhealthy natural environment and unhealthy life of people of this world. Commercialization and people's... Read More

Message from the Founder / MD

Chairman VSK Green Group has been established by a group of dynamic far sighted, dedicated, experienced entrepreneurs, and professionals in their relative fields. The team dedicated for serving the nation since last few decades. VSK GG has a different mission and vision than other company. This organization is less profit motive and more service based group. Global warming has started showing its impact on our country as well. Landslides are being common in Nepal due to the deforestation and exploitation of vegetation of forest and CHURE range. Read More