About Monchoe Dragkar Thegchen Ling Gonpa

Monchoe Dragkar Thegchen Ling Gonpa

In the religious land of Lo widely influenced by the benevolent Buddhist masters universally known as Zangpo Namsum, Lowo Monthang Dragkar Thekchen Ling is one of the thriving Buddhist monasteries. At the behest of the noble being Ngorchen Dorje Chang Kunga Sangpo during the reign of the religious king Ame Pal and Kalon/ minister Tsewang Sangpo, the people in the region laboured collectively to establish four great monasteries in the four directions of Khachoe, the ancient palace. To the south lies Dragkar Thekchen Ling, established in the fifteenth century and has since been consistently engaged in the preservation of Buddhism for the benefit of every individual and for universal peace.

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  • Message from the Khenpo Kunga Tenzin, Chairperson

    Lowo Monthang Choedhe has continuously being the flourishing center of Lord Buddha’s teaching and in service of the general public and additionally, it has been the learning center of most essentially Buddha’s teaching and Buddhist ritual prayers and also modern education in Tibetan, English, Nepali languages...

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    Shree Mahakaruna Sakyapa monastic School has the aim to take complete care of the monks, including living and studying needs. Our school offers a full education following the government curriculum (mathematics, science, English, Nepali, Social studies) enriched by instruction in Tibetan language and Himalayan Culture. The courses are taught in English, Nepali and Tibetan...

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Our Projects View All

Rebuilding the monastery building in Lo Manthang

Rebuilding the monastery building in Lo Manthang

The monastery building to the southern part of the monastery compound was severely damaged by the Nepal earthquake of 2015. Read More

Construction of Rooms at Winter Residental Monastic School

Construction of Rooms at Winter Residential Monastic School

For many years before this winter residential monastic school was built, all the young and elderly monks of the monastic community had... Read More

Our Festivals View All

Tenchi, the Religious Fest. of Lo

Tenchi, the Religious Fest. of Lo

Tenpa Chirim (bstan pa spyi rim) is colloquially known as Tiji, which is a corrupted version of the word Tenchi (bstan spyi)... Read More

Horse Riding Festival

Horse Riding Festival (Yar Tun)

Yar tun translated from Tibetan as “summer’s end”, marks the last lazy days of the growing season and the first laborious days of the harvest... Read More

Our Activities


We at Monchoe Dragkar Thegchen Ling Gonpa; perform various social related activities regarding to wellness and welfare of people living in Lo-Manthang and other people relating to Buddhism and Tibetan Culture. Although our culture and tradition is more related to Buddhism and Tibetan Culture but our social activities are helpful for people from other religion and ethnic group.