Comprehensive Media Education Backed by Technology

Shepherd College, appointed as an Official Training Partner by the Advertisement Association of Nepal (AAN) and Professional Development Partner by Federation of Nepalese Journalist as it frequently conducts industry oriented training programs to attract new talents to the profession as well as to develop skills for the existing practitioners.

Welcome To Shepherd College

Shepherd College - established in 2002 A.D. is a prominent media education and training institute, offers various degree and diploma programs, in affiliation with the Purvanchal University and other bodies.

The college is centrally located at a very peaceful environment. Students will undoubtedly enjoy studying at Shepherd College. Media Technology is an indispensable component of modern world community. Shepherd has endeavored to provide dynamic learning environment, which will help students achieve their full potential.

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What You Will Learn?

  • Video Camera

    Video Camera

  • Print Media

    Print Media

  • Camera


  • Televison Broadcasting

    Televison Broadcasting

  • Radio Broadcasting

    Radio Broadcasting

  • Online Media

    Online Media

& much more...

Message from Campus Chief

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Dr. Suresh Acharya

Career Prospects

Career The Media Technology develops students as a competent human resources of the media and information sectors. They will learn principles of media and media related industries that are used in the career of their life. It helps the students to jump to the profession with confidence. Their knowledge and skill is not only applied in the media sector but the broader range of information services.