Introduction of Nepal Fulbari Pradushan Niyantran Sewa

“Healthy body, sane mind, and hearty environment are the prime requisites for building an economically vibrant nation” Nepal Fulbari Pradushan Niyantran Sewa Pvt.Ltd. is dedicated to foster environment keeping the vision of clean, green and freshen surrounding taking as a prime concern of the late 21st century’s demand. From the very beginning, the organization has been working in the sector of environment conservation with the help of community people. The main motto of the company is to reduce environmental harms due to human made solid waste as the consequence of the human made dust seems to have the worst impact on human health. It is inevitable in human life which means wherever people establish their settlement, the dust is produced and it is difficult to manage. The company has been implementing the environment cleaning project for years and people are supporting the company whatever they can.

Action Points

  • Waste Collection

    Waste Collection

    The company has been involved to collect waste going doors to doors in the certain interval of the time. The communities have been the members of the company and they keep the waste collecting...

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  • Composting


    The company has allocated sites to compost the segregated waste whichever is possible and the composted manure is sold to the members (farmers) and it is has become one sustainable...

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  • Community Awareness Program

    Community Awareness Program

    The company organizes regular community awareness programs in the certain interval of time. The programs are run in the different levels and groups i.e. youths, housewives, schools, hospitals...

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