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Let Us Merchandise Your Product

Let us look after your Merchandising and see the sales grow.

Grow Your Business

We take all your stress so you only focus on Manufacturing.

Planning Your Promotion

Professional Sales and Marketing service at a reasonable rate.

Meet your very own Sales, Marketing, Merchandising and Promotion team without having the stress to pay basic salary, Sickness, Pensions and so on.

No Matter how big or small the project is Market Direct will always give you a hand to take it further.

  • We take all your stress so you only focus on Manufacturing.
  • Professional Sales and Marketing service at a reasonable rate.
  • Let us look after your Merchandising and see the sales grow.

Sales Marketing

Whether you are launching a new Product in the market or it be an existing product. Our Sales and Marketing team will help you establish the product...


Market Direct has a specialist team of Merchandiser who has done great job to all our existing customers. For Us Merchandising is not only...

Brand Promotion / Tasting

Once the Product is listed into the shops the product would not sell on its own as consumer do not like switching brand. So at Market Direct we help you...

Know About Market Direct

Market Direct is a Sales, Marketing and Merchandising Company which operates with in the FMCG Market.

Market Direct was established to help businesses get the best marketing solutions for their Businesses. We do this by adapting the tried and tested tools of “big business marketing”. More customers, more sales and most importantly, more profit.

Market Direct

Business Consulting

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Saving & Invest

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Market Direct is a vibrant full service Field Marketing company. We could be your partner of choice for your brand activity

Market Direct specialise in working with brands and retailers. We ensure return on investment by ensuring availability, visibility and use of data to promote your product. We arrange for merchandising, demonstrations, tasting, auditing, training, business 2 business & business to consumer sales. We have a mystery shopper service to ensure the delivery of your product is done to the highest standard.

Our services deliver a holistic brand impact journey.

We design campaigns to suit customer individual needs of our clients. Depends on clients goal we decide what marketing activity we would use.

Our Channels

We specialise in finding the best route to the market to promote and brand exposure of our customer’s products:

  • Sales
  • Field Sales
  • In store promotions & Events
  • Sampling
  • Demonstration
  • Merchandising & Audits
  • Mystery shopping
  • Promotion management

We provide Sales and Field Marketing across all of our channels:

  • Grocery & Convenience stores
  • High streets
  • Forecourts
  • Service stations
  • Cash & Carry
  • Whole sale
  • DIY stores
  • Malls

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in walking properly before running so we right now only cover South East of England. But we are constantly growing so we will be open for business soon throughout the UK in near future.
We provide a full Marketing service to our customer. We help Brand launch, Marketing, Merchandise, promote and advertise the product.
Today’s market is very competitive. Consumer have different options and they do not switch brands easily. If your product is good but is still not selling from the shop our team will help you with promotion and tasting. We will reach out to customer and let them taste your brilliant product and increase customer as well as sales for you.
This was the only option before Market Direct existed. We are here to take the risk away from you to invest in a full time staff who has to be on your pay roll which comes with a long term commitment and a lot of cost involved. Market Direct will provide you exactly the same level of service and commitment at a lower cost. You can use our service for the period you wish to no long term contracts. Exactly the same service as a Full time Staff but at a part time pay. Would you choose us now?
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We have 7 Years

Of Experiences






Promotion / Tasting

Our Valuable Clients

Thanks to all these great Clients with whose support and love we are stronger and have grown continuously year on year.

  • Dabur
  • Kohinoor Rice
  • Haldirams
  • National Masala
  • Ceekays
  • Gits
  • Royal Chai
  • BMC Masala
  • Dairy Valley
  • Sona Sweets
  • Shan
  • Xcorn

Our Own Brand Nepal Foods

Nepal Foods

We have helped many brands launch their own product and help them grown and are now a house hold name.
Nepal Foods is a Baby that Market Direct has given birth to and as a parent Market direct will put all its effort and learnings from other big brands into it to make this a brand successful.

Market Direct is still on a learning curve and every day is a learning day for us. So through this brand we want to experience the challenges that a Brand owners and the Manufactures face. We want to stand in their feet and see how things are at their end and how best we as a Marketing company can help them get over the challenges and what can be done to make the entire journey cost effective and efficient. Read More

Request For Call Back

We would always like to listen to our potential customers, existing or the new ones. Please feel free to fill up the form and let us know what we can do together to help grow the sales of your product.

Latest Promotions

We always believe to give a personal touch to our clients in branding their products and promote them as our very own product. Check a few of our many promotions which we have successfully completed.


21, Aug, 2016

Promoting Haldiram's at Quality Foods Southall, London


1, May, 2016

Tasting for Gits, Southall, London


2, Mar, 2017

Ceekays: Promoting at Excel Exhibition center (IFE)


18, Mar, 2017

Promoting Kohinoor at Tesco, Southall


12, Apr, 2017

Promoting Shan at BBC Good Food show, Birmimgham

Dabur Merchandising

20, May, 2017

Dabur Merchandising at Asda

Promoting National

23, May, 2017

Promoting National

Dairy valley

11, Jun, 2017

Promoting Dairy valley at Variety CC

Market Direct not only helps with Ethinic stores but also with mainstream business. excellent service.


Head of Dabur

Excellent Service ! One stop for Sales/Marketing need.

Bharat Sareen

Kohinoor Foods

Market Direct has been a great partner for our business. They have really helped us to grow our business.


Director, Dairy Valley

Very professional service provider. Has helped us and many big brands. Always recommended!


Director, Global Foods