Gov. Regd. No: 140311/072/073

PAN No: 603454842



1. Upcoming Nagarkot Project [Charumati International Buddhist Center Project]

The Charumati International Buddhist Center project aka Nagarkot project is a dream project of CBM-Nepal. It is a multipurpose project that aims to carry diverse dhammaduta (meritorious) activities of Charumati Buddhist Mission-Nepal. The project site is on the hill of Nagarkot, a peaceful and pristine place surrounded by the beautiful range of Himalayas situated just 32km east from Kathmandu at an elevation of 7200ft above sea level, quite away from city crowd. The monastery will encompass a Bhikkhu training center, Children’s Home, mediation center, multimedia Buddhist library and research center, community center for vocational training and moral education to women, children, youth and deprived groups, craft center, free health clinic, seminar hall and other required sections. The monastery will benefit local communities, Buddhist devotees, and researchers/students of Buddhism. Besides the craft center will help the locals find market for their local arts and handicrafts providing monastery a source of self-funding. The project construction is estimated to start very soon and the process of fund raising is going on.

2. Charumati Stupa Premises Reconstruction Project

During the renovation of Charumati Stupa, the stupa was secured with a temporary wall and three narrow gates. The walls couldn't be restructured due to lack of enough budget. Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal aims to rebuild the surrounding walls in traditional Nepalese designs and crafts which will be stronger and will enhance this heritage site's look. There will be four wider gates for the devotees to enter the stupa. Lights will be arranged for night time safety. Fund Raising is in process.

Historical Charumati Stupa

Historical Charumati Stupa

Charumati Stupa is 2,300 years old shrine built by Princess Charumati, daughter of Emperor Ashoka, who came to Kathmandu valley on one of the Buddhist missionaries. The historical Charumati is an important shrine for Buddhist... Read More

Founder - President, Tapassi Dhamma


Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma, the chief abbot of Charumati Buddha Vihara, is the Founder-President of Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal. Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is well-known for his social and humanitarian activities as well... Read More