Gov. Regd. No: 140311/072/073

PAN No: 603454842

Introduction - CBM Nepal

Charumati Stupa

Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal [CBM-Nepal] is an organization working in the field of community welfare together with the conservation, promotion and practice of Buddhist philosophy promulgated by Lord Buddha more than 2500 years ago. CMB-Nepal carries the Buddhist mission of offering humanitarian and livelihood support to rural communities of Nepal while implementing and spreading universal humanitarian philosophy of Buddhism.


We vision the establishment of a progressive society in which universal human values are venerated and people enjoy social equity and development.


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of community people of Nepal by means of uplifting their living standard and practicing way of life inspired by Buddhist philosophy.


  • Free Educational Access to deprived community children
  • Community livelihood Support
  • Women Empowerment
  • Buddhist Education Promotion
  • Conservation of Buddhist Heritages and others.


  • Child-centered programs
    • Free Educational access and material support to deprived children
    • Free food and lodging till secondary level education
    • School-level technical skill-based trainings
  • Community-based livelihood support projects
    • skill-based projects and small grants for startup livelihood support activities
    • Youth-centered skill-based activities and
  • Women's education and skill development trainings
  • Conservation and promotion of neglected historical Buddhist sites
  • Monk and nun centered educational programs
    • Scholarships for novice monks and nuns
    • Monk Trainings
  • Dhamma teachings and practices
  • Environment conservation activities
  • Health awareness and support
    • Regular free health camps in the deprived communities
  • Awareness and advocacy on human rights and other issues of social justice etc.

Historical Charumati Stupa

Historical Charumati Stupa

Charumati Stupa is 2,300 years old shrine built by Princess Charumati, daughter of Emperor Ashoka, who came to Kathmandu valley on one of the Buddhist missionaries. The historical Charumati is an important shrine for Buddhist... Read More

Founder - President, Tapassi Dhamma


Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma, the chief abbot of Charumati Buddha Vihara, is the Founder-President of Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal. Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is well-known for his social and humanitarian activities as well... Read More