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Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal (CBM-Nepal) is a non profit-sharing organization which runs mainly through the donations from Buddhist devotees, humanitarian organizations and supportive well-wishers. Although we are targeting an independently running and self-sufficient project for regular fund generation for social welfare activities, the project is yet to complete. Hence, we need donations in cash or kind in order to continue our activities and projects. We appeal all the interested individuals or organizations from around the world to help us expand our territory of social support and promote Buddhist universal humanitarian philosophy of unity and development.

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Contact no.: 977-9851067780 / 977-01-4469897

Historical Charumati Stupa

Historical Charumati Stupa

Charumati Stupa is 2,300 years old shrine built by Princess Charumati, daughter of Emperor Ashoka, who came to Kathmandu valley on one of the Buddhist missionaries. The historical Charumati is an important shrine for Buddhist... Read More

Founder - President, Tapassi Dhamma


Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma, the chief abbot of Charumati Buddha Vihara, is the Founder-President of Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal. Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is well-known for his social and humanitarian activities as well... Read More