Gov. Regd. No: 140311/072/073

PAN No: 603454842

Activities of Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal


  • Renovation, conservation and promotion of 2300 years old historical Charumati Stupa
  • Relief distribution to the affected people after disasters such as flood, landslide, conflict victims etc.
  • Study material distribution and support in education of deprived children of rural communities
  • Scholarship to novice monks from remote and poor communities
  • Publication of Buddhist magazines and Books
  • Organizing Buddhist conventions and programs
  • National and international pilgrimage to Buddhist shrines with local devotees for shared cultural exchange
  • Free sewing trainings to women with distribution of sewing machines
  • Community clean-up campaigns
  • Tree Planting and conservation in barren lands
  • Annual blood donation program
  • Organizing of regular Buddhist cultural programs
  • Fund collection programs for regularity of projects

Recent Activities

After the massive earthquakes that hit Nepal in 25th April and 12th May of 2015, Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma is actively involved in relief and rehabilitation work. With the support from well-wishers and humanitarian hands from around the world, Ven. Tapassi Dhamma personally visited the most affected villages and communities to distribute immediate relief materials such as food, clothes, first aid, tarpaulins, etc, and then as a second phase of relief, distributed zinc sheets for temporary houses in hundreds of households of 11 affected districts. His organization also distributed study materials to community schools and students to resume their study after the earthquake devastated their schools and study materials. Many teams of supporters from other countries also collaborated with Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal in the relief distribution and recovery activities.

Historical Charumati Stupa

Historical Charumati Stupa

Charumati Stupa is 2,300 years old shrine built by Princess Charumati, daughter of Emperor Ashoka, who came to Kathmandu valley on one of the Buddhist missionaries. The historical Charumati is an important shrine for Buddhist... Read More

Founder - President, Tapassi Dhamma


Venerable Bhikkhu Tapassi Dhamma, the chief abbot of Charumati Buddha Vihara, is the Founder-President of Charumati Buddhist Mission Nepal. Ven. Tapassi Dhamma is well-known for his social and humanitarian activities as well... Read More